Did you know you could qualify for up to $3,600 toward college? Check it out!

kids1Welcome to SinaiScholarsDayton.com – the website for our not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to helping Jewish teens meet and support each other as they explore Jewish and secular studies. Our goals are to create better kids and better Jews, with both cutting-edge secular education and Jewish studies.

We have combined these pursuits in our co-joined program with Miami Valley School – the preeminent college prep school in the Dayton area. After just three years, we’ve assisted more than two dozen students to prepare for a brighter future. You could be next! Contact us if you want information on the program or on the financial aid that is available.

kids2Sinai has a robust Sunday program that is open to the entire community with one-hour classes at “The Sugar Shack” each week. The courses are about Jewish identity and ideals and are fine-tuned for seventh and eights graders (one class), ninth and tenth, and eleventh and twelfth.

Check out the parts and pieces of Sinai Scholars here on our website and contact us if we can help you and your kids!

It pays to attend Sinai Sunday!

We want to encourage (incentivize?) high school students to attend the Sunday classes so that they enhance their Jewish identity and image while meeting other like-minded kids. The classes are provocative and engaging. This is not “Sunday School” as you remember it!

As part of that incentive, we want it known that attending Sinai classes – and living Jewishly – actually “pays.” In order to encourage students to continue their Jewish learning and involvement into their first years of college, we added a bit of a challenge that should be enticing: Up to $3600 in college funding. Real money!

How does it work? Here’s how:

  1. If the high school student attends 25 or more of our scheduled Sinai High classes for a year, they qualify for the college funding.
  2. Two years is the maximum. So that makes it $3600 in available funds overall.
  3. We will send out formal recognition to the family that a student has qualified – each year.
  4. To then access those funds, the student need to attend either classes or an organization in college that’s Jewish-oriented (college courses, Hillel, Chabad, etc.)
  5. If they get proof of that attendance, at the end of their college year, Sinai will send your family $1800 cash – no strings attached; to be used to reduce college costs or for spending by the student.
  6. The choice is the families’: either we can send the money to the student or to the parents.

Sinai works if you get engaged. And Sinai pays!